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 ZF Patek Philippe Patek The Philippe submarine explorer series grenade, Yang Fan showed off, shocked the attack (fix any deficiencies in all versions on the market)
[Case] The size of the watch is 40mmX8.6mm. The highly recognizable PP pillow-shaped shell is elegant and elegant. Each workpiece is the crystallization of the top technology in the industry.
【Technological breakthrough】Cal.324 is changed from Miyoda 9015 to PP self-produced SC movement-large and small splints are shiny and flowing, the jewel bearing is bright and natural, and the position of the balance wheel matches the original one.
[Excellent Achievement] 1. Market exclusive purchase of original version development 2. Market exclusive realization of the balance wheel position consistent with the genuine product 3. It is the thinnest imitation product on the market.
Act accordingly Just for Accumulate "thin" hair ?? produced by ZF Must be a boutique!

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